What is this?

This site will display all your current Artifact game history and statistics from the data you insert. I previously developed this as a WPF application and now have an online version!
If you'd like to see the full source code, it's available online on my Github (or click here)

How does it work?

Simple! The javascript down below is used to gather all your game data from your webpage and then redirects you to a page on this site to view it all and the stats. The script builds the data into a format that can be deconstructed easily and then simply tells your browser to come back to this url and adds all your data on the end. The data never leaves your browser and has aboslutely no chance of being stolen, used, or sold (unlike some other Artifact Game History sites) 😉


  1. Open this link to view your current Artifact game history
  2. Type javascript: into your url and paste the following code after it
  3. Wait until you're redirected to another page (should be "artifacthistory.joshlmao.com/#...") which will display all your game history and statistics!

Github Repository

If you're interested in how this works, want to download the source code or help fix issues, check out the repo!
WPF App: https://github.com/JoshLmao/ArtifactAPI.MatchHistory
Website: https://github.com/JoshLmao/ArtifactAPI.MatchHistory.Website

Thank you!

Finally, thank you for using this! If you appreciate what I do, then please consider following me on Twitter (@JoshLmao), or on Github
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by @joshlmao
Code derived from @bongikairu